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It is amazing how much the value of a print or an artwork can increase just by adding a stretcher frame to it. Print or paint on canvas, stretch it around a wooden frame and the value will grow dramatically.


When choosing a stretcher frame, it is important to look at its profile (the style of cutting the wood). There are unique ways to cut the wood in order to significantly increase the bar's stability and look. We have developed and fine-tuned these profiles for more than 50 years, and we still do our utmost to ensure continuous delivery of high quality wooden products to European and other photo and print markets.


You can be sure that even with our more than 50 years of history, our machinery and stretcher bar production facilities are completely up to date so that all bars we will be of the same consistent strict quality and feel.


Look at our different stretcher bar profiles below and please contact us for pricing on these high quality stretcher bars!


Also, when stretching artist canvas on wooden stretcher bars, or stretching your printed photo on canvas, it is important to use stretcher bars of a consistent quality and feel. Wooden stretcher bars exist in many different sizes and styles and choosing the right stretcher bar is important in regards to how the final product, stretched canvas, printed canvas will be.


We offer four styles of Amber stretcher bars. The 20 x 25mm stretcher bar is a good solid and cost effective frame. Sizes vary from 20 cm to 60 cm. This is the economy range of stretcher bars perfect for small frames at an affordable price. The 20 x 35mm Stretcher bar is the standard size and can be Doubled-Up to provide a 40 x 35mm deep gallery stretcher bar. Sizes vary from 20 cm up to 150 cm. We also have a 20 x 35mm custom self-cut system which allows you to make up frames of any size up to 200cm using a simple joining system.


Economy Stretcher Bar Profile

GNC20-25   20mm Profile    20cm

GNC20-25   20mm Profile    30cm

GNC20-25   20mm Profile    40cm

GNC20-25   20mm Profile    60cm


Standard Stretcher Bar Profile

GNC20-35   20mm Profile    20cm

GNC20-35   20mm Profile    30cm

GNC20-35   20mm Profile    40cm

GNC20-35   20mm Profile    50cm

GNC20-35   20mm Profile    60cm

GNC20-35   20mm Profile    75cm

GNC20-35   20mm Profile    90cm

GNC20-35   20mm Profile    100cm

GNC20-35   20mm Profile    120cm

GNC20-35   20mm Profile    150cm


Gallery Stretcher Bar Profile ( Double-Up)

GNC40-35   40mm Profile    20cm

GNC40-35   40mm Profile    30cm

GNC40-35   40mm Profile    40cm

GNC40-35   40mm Profile    50cm

GNC40-35   40mm Profile    60cm

GNC40-35   40mm Profile    75cm

GNC40-35   40mm Profile    90cm

GNC40-35   40mm Profile    100cm

GNC40-35   40mm Profile    120cm

GNC40-35   40mm Profile    150cm


Custom Stretcher Bar Profile

GNC20-35   20mm Profile    200cm


Canvas Plier PRO

For stretching canvasses. The canvas plier is extremely robust and stable.

Jaw width: 65 mm

Weight: 330 g

Satin Acrylic Coating 1,0


Metal Corner expander

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Your Large Format Printing
Supplies Solution Partner

Your Large Format Printing Supplies Solution Partner

Your Large Format Printing Supplies Solution Partner